Bean was a 12 year old girl who appeared in Series 8. She was the daughter of Chesney Karib's delivery driver at his shop, Gorky. They first lived opposite Lillian Tyler's Brothel on Meadow Bank Road.

Chesney and his girlfriend at the time, Bex caught Bean shoplifting and used her mobile phone to contact her father. They were surprised to realize she was Gorky's daughter but assured him Bean's actions wouldn't endanger his job as the Karib's Shop delivery driver. The next time Bex and Chesney saw Bean they were shocked to see she had cuts and bruises on her face. Realizing that her father must have been beating her, Bex talks Chesney into waiting outside her house to make sure she is okay.

Bean assures Chesney that she had a fight with another girl and her injuries were nothing to do with her father before pleading with him not to fire her father. Chesney offers her a ride to school, during which she explains that her mother lives in Dundee in Scotland. He tells her that no matter what she does, she doesn't deserve her father's wrath and to tell someone but she shrugs this off. She then tries to kiss him before jumping out of the car and running into the school, where a janitor had seen the kiss.

Gorky later confronts Chesney and Bex while they are drinking in The Jockey. The couple are cold with him, and call him a child abuser but Gorky explains the school had contacted him worried about his daughter being in a relationship with Chesney. Gorky calls Chesney a paedophile and tells Bex her job as a Nursery Nurse would be in trouble if word got out.

Chesney is forced to continue using Gorky as a driver when Jamie Maguire makes a deal with Chesney to use the shop's new delivery service to deal cocaine. Chesney appeals to Jamie to find another driver but he tells Chesney that Gorky is good at his job and not to let his "bleeding heart" get in the way. Chesney decided to get rid of him in another way so fills a delivery up with 10 grams of Cocaine but when the police pulled Gorky over he was able to hide it. Gorky confronts Chesney and reveals to Bex that Chesney has been dealing behind her back, Gorky tells him that he's leaving town and quiting his job while Bex leaves Chesney too.

Deciding that something needs to be done, Chesney goes to Gorky's new house and discovers that he has been pimping Bean out to paedophiles, Chesney pretends to be interested and make an arrangement to meet later. Chesney runs into Bex and tells her he's going to save Bean and has quit dealing for her but she isn't interested so when he gets a phone call from Bean, he rushes round to her house. There he discovers she has stabbed her father to death. Chesney hands Bean a large wad of cash, telling her to go find her mother before setting fire to the flat with Gorky's body inside.

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