Beach Party is the fifth episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It was the first major storyline involing Chesney Karib.


An election for Young Mayor of Chatsworth is in the air, and Chesney is one of the candidates. Debbie, who has a crush on Chesney, organizes his campaign. Chesney wins the election, but has his own ideas, which far from Debbie's vision of an agriculturally self-sufficient Chatsworth, seems to involve blowing the campaign funds on a huge party. When the money is all gone, Debbie feels betrayed and demands Chesney give her whats owed, but Chesney snubs her. Chesney later tries to seek Debbie's help (while disguised in a burka) when complaints come to light about the infested builder's sand used for the beach party, but Debbie repays Chesney's earlier disrespect by turning him in to the local councillor who supported them. It is shortly revealed that Chesney was using the funds to help a Pakistani woman bring her family to the UK.

Shane meets the woman of his dreams in Kelly-Marie Ball. He decides to pursue the relationship, despite her working as a prostitute at Lillian Tyler's Brothel.

Yvonne is being tormented by a young yob named Chantelle (who she once used to babysit for). But this ends when Norma Starkey intervenes by pulling out a gun to threaten Chantelle and her friends (who were armed with knives) to flee the shop.

Stan accidentally runs his van into an elderly woman. He wasn't wearing his glasses, so Tom blackmails a reluctant Carrie into taking the blame for Stan. Which leads to her suspension when the old woman claims to have been disabled. But she is re-instated when Stan takes pictures of the old woman, who actually lied about being wheel-chair bound.

Stan and Yvonne grow closer.

Post Credit Scene

Jamie is seen standing on the stage in The Jockey with a microphone asking the quiz night questions. He asks "who was Hogwarts most famous pupil" and the camera cuts to Tom, Carrie and Stan in their Police car outside listening in with surveillance equipment as they were doing earlier in the episode. Tom says that he knows the answer but Carrie interrupts with "Stanley Potter" and she and Tom laugh as the camera pulls back to reveal Stan in his new glasses. This is likely the reason that is never seen wearing them again.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast

  • Sally Carmen - Kelly Ball
  • Jodie Hamblet - Sarah Berry
  • Phil Rowson - Councillor for Youth
  • Rebecca Shaw - Gemma
  • Alexandra Wanzy - Vera
  • Charlotte Lewis - Chanelle
  • Surendra Kochar - Old Woman


  • Narrator: Debbie Gallagher.
  • Sarah Berry makes her second appearance.
  • First major storyline involving Chesney Karib.
  • Kelly Ball returns.
  • Shane catches Micky rubbing oil into the back of another man but is too preoccupied with borrowing money to pay for sex with Kelly that he doesn't seem to realize that Micky is gay. Not even when he catches Micky and the same man sitting in the limo in their underwear later.


Chesney: Chatsworth is one of the poorest jam packed estates in Manchester..
Monica: Yay!
Kelly: I've been seizing up all day, you made me use muscles I never knew I had. 
Aren't you sore?
Shane: No, I'm pretty limber me. You need to be to get through all them kitchen 
windows don't you?
Shane: Look you don't belong to Lillian, you don't have to do 
Kelly: You wanna save me?
Shane: Yes!
Kelly: Shane! This isn't pet rescue! I'm not a cockroach.
Debbie: I don't get it though. What do you get out of it?
Chesney: Credit upstairs. Every good deed means another 100 virgins in 
Paradise. That's why you'll never bag me Debbie, too many rivals.


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