Back Home is the fourth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Karen and Connor return hoping to start fresh, but on a routine visit to her psychiatric hospital Karen makes a shocking discovery.

Frank's odyssey reaches its climax when he finally faces his deepest self and the sobering truth of his feelings for Libby.

Sita is distraught when she fails her exams, but the offer of help from her lecturer, Cromer, comes with conditions. Motivated by lust, Carl steps in to help.

Post Credit Scene

In a continuation of Frank's hallucination earlier in the episode, he is seen in The Jockey toilets using the urinal. Another man walks in to do the same and Frank glances at his penis, Frank's "feminine side" leaves the cubicle and nods to his "subconscious" who is sat on the sink. Suddenly another Frank walks into the toilets dressed in a giant penis costume, he is asked who he is and replies "penis envy".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Aysha Kala - Sita Desai
  • Sebastian Shaw - Frank Double
  • Paul Warriner - John Cromer


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