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Aunt Ginger is the third episode of the first season of Shameless.


Fiona, having dumped Steve, decides to date Tony, a local cop who has had feelings for her since childhood. A woman from the Office of the Inspector General knocks on the Gallagher door looking for Aunt Ginger, the owner of the family house, who has supposedly been living in a Wisconsin nursing home for 12 years.

Mandy Milkovich, having been rejected by Ian, tells her brother and his friends that Ian violated her. This sends Mickey on a hunt to beat up Ian.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Phil Abrams - Mr. Bancroft
  • Julia Carpenter - Audrey
  • Ellen Albertini Dow - The Real Aunt Ginger
  • Andrew Kaczmarek - Santa Claus
  • Tony Longo - Russel
  • Barbara Mallory - Gina
  • Frank Pacheco - Milkovich Bro #2
  • Don Perry - Mr. Perry
  • Kevin Shacter - Milkovich Bro #3
  • Jerry Stroka - Samuel
  • Cile Turner-Borman - Louise
  • Lang Yun - Hilda


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