Assault is the fifthteenth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


While on a date with Debbie, Tom finds the battered body of a teenage rape-victim lying in some bushes. He calls emergency services, but is soon considered a suspect. With only an under-age Debbie as a witness to Tom's conduct, things are not looking good.

After being forced out of Chatsworth by Paddy Maguire, Kelly Ball returns, and tells Shane the real reason she left, leading to a violent confrontation between Shane and his father.

Norma wakes up from a hangover with no memory of the night before and finds herself wearing someone else's trousers. Soon, Norma recalls performing a string of wild antics at Lillian's Brothel, which could make her an internet sensation.

Post Credit Scene

Norma is seen banging on Debbie's bedroom door, demanding to be let in while inside the Gallaghers are crowded around the computer watching security footage from Lillian's Brothel that was mentioned earlier in the episode. The video isn't shown but from the audio and the Gallagher's comments on Norma's bikini line and tinsel it can be assumed Norma is naked in it.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Micky: [singing] The cattle are glowing...
Shane: The cattle are not fucking glowing.
Micky: What?
Shane: The cattle, they're not glowing, they're lowing.
Micky: What's lowing?
Mandy: It's the sound the cattle make.
Paddy: Play your cards.
Mimi: Your one to talk, you though it was "our father who art in heaven, Howard 
be thy name" until you were 15.
Frank: If I was of a particularly paranoid disposition this would bother me [the 
whole family talking in the kitchen]. You turfing me out?
Ian: No.
Frank: You want me dole money?
Monica: No.
Frank: Happy days.

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