An Inspector Calls is the second episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair, despite almost being caught on two separate occasions.

Mimi does her best to assert her presence at the local school. With a staff walkout on inspection day, Mimi rallies a few of the Chatsworth residents to stand in for staff and save the day.

Jamie and Kassi reconnect and go on a family day out to the place where their father's ashes were scattered.

Frank enjoys his janitorial job at the school, even more so when he discovers an unexpected perk: the time he gets to spend with Sherilee and Derilee there after hours. However after taking a bag of mushrooms provided by Mimi, he goes into a bad trip and falls asleep only to wake up with the school full of pupils and the gastric bandits stuck in awkward positions.

Post Credit Scene

A person can be seen crouched in a storage cupboard with a cardboard box on their head. One of the gastric bandits is heard shouting "come on Frank, come back out" through the door. They continue to call for him as trumpet music begins to play and Frank mutters "ok" before removing the box and leaving the cupboard. However as he opens the door he is faced with two people wearing Tony Blair masks, screaming in fear and shouting the word "parasite", Frank locks himself in the cupboard again and puts the box back on his head. The camera cuts to a confused looking Sherilee and Derilee who then decide to have another go on the swing and run off giggling. This references both Frank's use of hallucinogenic mushrooms earlier in the episode as well as Billy Tutton stealing the school server on Mimi's orders while disguising himself with a Tony Blair mask.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Clive Mantle - Mr Banbury
  • Andrew Sykes - Teacher
  • Ryan Wilkinson - Adam
  • Roma Christensen - Little Girl
  • James Dreyfus - Edward Clayhill


  • Narrator: Dominic Meak
  • Last appearance of Gloria Meak .
  • Kelly and Marty do not appear, marking the second episode in a row in which they either appear very briefly or not at all.


Billy: Well I can't just walk into a strange school can I? Everyone will think 
I'm a paedo.
Aidan: And you can't hang around the school gates either, you'll look even more 
paedo-tastic. So grow some.

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