Always Leave Them Wanting More is the seventh episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Ian returns to the UK but is shocked to discover he has been used to smuggle a boy into the country. After discovering that deaf boy Danny has no family in the UK, Ian faces a tough decision whether to look after him or leave Chatsworth again.

Felling unwanted by Frank and her children, Monica tries to make amends with her family but after a day of trying to salvage something from her long dead marriage Monica once again abandons the Gallaghers, leaving Frank devastated and Debbie to look after Stella.

It's Mimi and Paddy's wedding anniversary but with Paddy still missing, Jamie and Karen decide to call off their party in The Jockey however Mimi, knowing that Paddy will return, agrees to go ahead with the party, but devastating consequences lie ahead.

Shane and Kelly make money by making a porn DVD. Frank is annoyed at the Maguires taking over The Jockey. Debbie and Maxine go shoplifting and end up locked in a shop overnight. Frank and Mimi begin to think Paddy has run away with Monica.

Post Credit Scene

Micky is seen laying on his bed, masturbating to the porn featuring Shane and Kelly playing on his laptop. He pauses slightly to look at the portrait of his father sat on a horse that was painted in an earlier episode before the camera goes close up on Micky. Micky is seen climaxing before the camera zooms back out to reveal he has turned the portrait over so he doesn't have his father watching him.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Julie Ford as Maureen
  • Louis Kissaun as Danny
  • Margerat Jackman as Bernice
  • Michael Furlong as Dave


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