All Rise is the third episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Frank is shocked to discover he's been the victim of identity theft and even more horrified that, as a result, his record has been wiped clean and he's eligible for jury service. He's soon enjoying the perks of claimed expenses as he and fellow juror Helen conspire to delay the verdict for as long as possible. Will their closeness affect the outcome of the court case?

Micky and Shane scam tourists with their 'Madchester' tours of Manchester in Micky's limo. When complaints are reported, Micky is hotly pursued by Carrie, and in his bid for escape through a dilapidated building both end up handcuffed and trapped together. Soon Micky and Carrie are sharing their private thoughts and things take an intimate turn.

Elsewhere, with Katie unable to settle at night in the Gallagher house because of baby Stella, Mandy comes to the conclusion that it is time to move on - but with a broody Mimi desperately wanting Mandy and Katie home, how will she take the news of Mandy's new choice of abode?

Tom is less than impressed by Stan's efforts to cheer him up and a prank war ensues.

Post Credit Scene

A camera watching from an unseen person's point of view opens on a man wearing an eye patch getting off a mobility scooter outside a house. The man is joined by a dark haired stranger and the two knock the door. A small window is opened in the door for a man to check who is knocking before they are allowed entrance. Inside, the house is dark and smokey and filled with random people. It is shown that they are growing cannabis in one corner, filming porn in another as well as creating counterfeit CD's, playing with real guns and playing poker. Lillian Tyler is the only recognisable face as she is seen preparing girls for the porn shoot. She waves the man with the camera away when she notices him and he turns to look at a group of smoking men sat around a table and weighing huge packages of unknown drugs. All of the men suddenly stand up and start trying to shoo away the person with the camera before one of them, a large bearded man calls him a "creepy bastard" in an American accent and punches him. This is all a reference to earlier in the episode when a haughty juror announced that counterfeiting actually funds a myriad of worse crimes such as drug dealing and terroism.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola and Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Sarah Parks - Edith
  • Sam Fletcher - Ray
  • Paul Mallon - Phil
  • Samantha Power - Helen
  • Shaun Ryder - Himself
  • Anthony Crank - Bill
  • Kimberley Southwick - Angela


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