All Fall Down is the seventh episode of the ninth series of Shameless.


Everyone is seriously concerned about Kelly. While Marty is still grieving for the loss of the baby, Kelly is punishing herself physically and mentally and fast losing control. Marty's intervention is futile and Kelly ends up in a critical state.

Across the bar, eyeing newly arrived Ruby, Karen and Dominic Meak get into a debate about the sexual and personal morals of young women today. Karen champions empowerment, but Dom's assessment of the female nature unsettles her.

Karen shocks herself by agreeing to the terms of a bet that involves Dom bedding Ruby and potentially Karen too.

Meanwhile, Avril becomes concerned when she clocks her colleague Calum dispensing incorrect medication at the pharmacy. Chesney begins a punishing exercise regime.

Post Credit Scene

Avril is seen gasping and moaning on a chair in her living room with her legs around the arm rests. She says that she thinks she is starting to feel quite "trippy" before Jackson's head is suddenly pulled up from between her legs as he starts to cough a choke. Suddenly he spits out some pills, a reference to earlier in the episode, and the couple laugh before deciding to share the pills.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jamie Davies - Calum
  • Wendy Patterson - Annie


  • Narrator: Kelly Maguire
  • During the hallucination Kelly has while choking on her own vomit, she sees herself laying in a pool of Quavers (cheese flavoured potato crisps) and surrounded by crushed lager cans. This is a loose reference to American Beauty.

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