Against the Odds is the eighth episode of the second series of Shameless. The episode features the first appearance of Sue Garland.


Yvonne is infuriated when two accident legal claim reps start hanging around outside the shop but becomes even angrier when she accidentally hits Frank in the face with a door, knocking out a tooth, and he is ferried to the hospital by the reps.

Frank ends up in a neck brace and is happy to follow the reps lead in suing Yvonne. Unable to afford keeping it open, Yvonne is forced to close the shop and sack Ian. A furious Ian confronts Frank in the middle of The Jockey and the news that the closest shop has had to close because of him angers everyone else in the pub leading to Jez "choosing not to serve" him. Yvonne meanwhile decides to re-open the shop in another area with a council grant but she is spurred by the news that all pubs in the area are refusing to serve Frank due to closing the shop and seeing how upset Ian and Kash are about losing each other, she comes up with a plan. She enlists Ian and Kash and the three of them begin posting leaflets explaining that the shop is leaving the area due to Frank in a bid to force Frank into dropping the charges.

Meanwhile, Fiona admits she is pregnant by Craig Garland but is planning on having an abortion. Veronica talks her in to trying to tell Craig first but when Fiona get's to his house she meets Sue - Craig's wife. They explain that they have been separated for years but she is hanging around waiting for Craig to sell the house for her cut but this is too much for Fiona and she walks out. Too unsure of the situation and with recent money issues Fiona heads to the abortion clinic with Veronica...

Also, the Gallaghers begin to have money worries when Fiona quits her job as a nursery nurse, Ian loses his job thanks to Frank closing the shop and the added stress of the fact Fiona's unborn baby may add another mouth to feed doesn't help. Marty's offers to help Fiona raise her baby if she keeps it. Sheila comes into some money.

Post Credit Scene

Sheila is seen as a contestant on UK game show Countdown. The clock runs out and Sheila announces that she has made a word with 8 letters out of the jumble. She reveals it to be "copulate" before apologizing and then bursting into laughter.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Fiona: [voice over] I think it was mum who said "you don't get anything free 
in this world" and I remember thinking "well water's free". And then she 
left, leaving the final demand for the water rates and I discovered that even 
that had a price.

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