Ady was a Welsh police officer, first seen in Episode 2 of Series 6 and later in Episode 2 of Series 7, who had a sexual relationship with Micky Maguire. Micky met Ady when the teacher from his film class, Zeta, invited him back to her house when they bonded over writing sex fiction. A story of Zeta's was slipped in with Micky's assignment, most likely on purpose and when Micky claimed it would be easy to write similar stories she told him to try. Micky found that he was particularly good at creating these stories and was invited to write some with Zeta.

Eventually the main reason Zeta was interested in Micky was revealed when she introduced him to her husband, Ady. The couple invited him to have regular sex with them on a no strings basis but things quickly changed. Zeta was regularly left unsatisfied because Micky and Ady finished first, Micky cornered Ady about it eventually, pointing out that it was obvious he was gay. Micky also tried to get Ady to walk away from Zeta, but the opposite happened when she gave him an ultimatum, give up Micky or give up her. Ady chose Zeta and much to Micky's disgust suggested they could still see each other, just behind Zeta's back. Micky turned him down.

When the two met up again in Episode 2 of Series 7 Ady revealed that he had left Zeta when he came home to find her having sex with multiple neighbors. Micky called on Ady for help when Paddy Maguire went missing and while no one was worried, Micky was convinced something bad had happened to his father. Paddy had been shot by an angry drug dealer and left for dead, but by tracking his mobile phone's location Micky, Ady and Ian Gallagher were able to rescue him.

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