Absent Parents is the ninth episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It features the visit of Monica's mother, Joan and reveals details from Monica's childhood.


Monica's mother, Joan Dallimore, visits the estate to see her daughter for the first time in 20 years. Joan reveals that she has Alzheimer's Disease and shows increasingly severe symptoms leading to Norma and Frank insisting that Monica send her to a care home. Debbie learns of the abuse Joan put her mother through as a child by letting her boyfriend, Dennis, molest Monica. Joan, during lucid moments, admits that she allowed Dennis to touch her daughter up because Monica reminded her too much of her husband. Joan goes on to reveal that she had brought along a number of sleeping pills, as she intended to take her own life after first seeking Monica's forgiveness.

Yvonne gets robbed and assaulted at her shop but when Stan arrives to check on her they end up having sex in the back room. Stan later admits to Tom that he loves her and tries to work up the courage to ask Yvonne to make the relationship permanent.

Shane and Micky want to use the opportunity of their parent's holiday in Malaga to throw a party but the drugs have been locked up by Paddy who doesn't trust his younger sons as responsible enough. As they plan to steal cars to fund the party, Liam offers to help. After witnessing their ineptitude, Liam presents a car to Shane and Micky that he stole earlier. Realizing his potential, Shane and Micky give Liam a list of cars to steal and when he performs beyond their expectations he demands they pay him. Micky has an idea though and saying Liam will get paid once he brings them all the cars, sends him looking for an old car that he's bound to be unable to find.

Post Credit Scene

Latin music is heard as Mimi Maguire clicks castenets while wearing a Flamenco dress. She enters her living room where Paddy, Micky and Shane are sat crossed arms looking bored. She dances and shouts "olé!" as the boys continue to look bored, once she has finished Shane comments that the dress is nice, causing Micky to give him a strange look. This is a likely continuation from earlier in the episode when the first thing Shane says when his parents go on holiday is that they can dress up in Mimi's clothes, possibly hinting that Shane has an interest in cross dressing.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast



Stan: I'm in love with Yvonne.
Tom: No I don't think I heard you right there, did you say..
Stan: I'm-in-love-with-Yvonne.
Tom: Do you mean Yvonne, Yvonne? Scary Yvonne in the shop Yvonne?
Ian: Apparently she left all her savings to you. About 2 grand.
Frank: Hey good old Joan! Eh? Wasn't so bad after all was she?
Mandy: Funeral will cost more than that.
Frank: Oh well, you know, come and die at Frank's house. Free fucking funerals 
all round.

Deleted Scenes

  • An extended version of Joan's arrival in Chatsworth. Monica asks whether Joan's boyfriend Dennis has left her and Joan replies that he just gone visiting family and friends. Debbie sits on the stairs watching everything as Liam and Carl enter the house and get introduced to their grandmother, who happily coos over them. Later in Debbie room, Monica tries to get Joan to use a foot-spa due to her having cuts and blisters on her feet from wearing shoes that are too small. Joan is unable to recognize Monica as her daughter and comments that she never gets it right, just like her daughter. Later, everyone sits down to a family dinner and Joan wishes everyone a "happy Christmas", whoever they are, while Monica sits with tears in her eyes.
  • In an extended version of the scene where Stan and Yvonne first have sex in the shop, Tom enters to find out what is taking Stan so long. Tom doesn't catch them however. Later, they head to the back room for sex again but end up knocking a bag of curry powder off the shelf, giving Stan a coughing fit. Later, Stan enters the shop with the plan to ask Yvonne out on a real date but before he can, she drags him to the back room for sex again. Back in his police car, Tom asks what Yvonne said but Stan looks stunned before running back to the shop. She makes to jump on him again but he hand cuffs himself to a display in the shop to stop her.

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