Abduction is the fourth episode of the first series of Shameless. It centres around the character of Debbie Gallagher.


When a small child goes missing from a children's party on the Chatsworth Estate, Frank turns the crowd into a lynch mob.

During the episode, Kev and Veronica return from attending a friend's wedding before they learn about whats going on.

Later in the episode, Frank begins a secret affair with Karen Jackson, the then sixteen year old daughter of Frank's girlfriend Sheila and the girlfriend of his own son Lip.

When Frank makes it clear to Steve that he has no intention of returning to the family home, Steve takes this as his cue to re-decorate Frank's bedroom for Debbie.

Post Credit Scene

Debbie brushes Veronica's hair as they sing a humorous song about breasts. Veronica finishes by shaking her own breasts causing a nearby Carl to stare open mouthed at her chest.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lewis Robinson - Jody
  • Neil Bell - Hippy Pete
  • Margaret Henshaw - Angie
  • Emma Dears - Reporter


  • Narrator: Steve McBride. This is the only episode narrated by him.
  • Beginning of Karen and Frank's affair.
  • First major plot featuring Debbie.
  • First time we see Hippy Pete, a Rastafarian white man who is attacked by a mob during the episode when he is thought to have abducted the missing child.
  • When the Gallagher Family are planning to put right Debbie's mistake, Fiona recalls an undisclosed incident in the past when her siblings were briefly split-up and fostered between several families.

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