4 Windsor Gardens is the house situated next door to the Gallagher and Maguire house.


  • Prior 2004: the house is burnt down.
  • 2004: Steve McBride and Kevin Ball interfere with the boiler unit inside the house and it burns down again for an insurance payment.
  • 2005: Steve McBride buys the house and he, Fiona Gallagher then later Marty and Carol Fisher move in.
  • 2005: Steve moves out and Fiona's new boyfriend Craig Garland moves in.
  • 2006: Sue Garland, Marty's new girlfriend moves in.
  • 2007: Carol, Marty and Sue move out and the house is sold to Yvonne Karib.
  • 2008: Stan Waterman moves in.
  • 2010: Yvonne, Stan and Meena leave Chatsworth and Chesney remains alone in the house.
  • 2010: Bonehead rapes Sammy at Chesney's party.
  • 2011: The Powell family move into the house.
  • 2013: Avril and Letitia are forced to move out when Jackson leaves his family and the estate.
  • 2013: The house becomes a squat, with Frank spending time there with Derilee and Sherilee, as well as being the temporary resdence of Marty Fisher and Kelly Ball before they depart from Chatsworth in Episode 114.
  • 2013: The Blanco family, consisting of Kassi, Esther, Tam, Thalia and Saul, move in with the help of Jamie after Kassi gets into trouble with the authorities.
  • 2013: Kassi Blanco no longer living at the house after he is arrested and sent to prison.



  • The houses full address is: 4 Windsor Gardens, Chatsworth Estate, Manchester, M62 8KM.

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